Grenache 2018

Grenache 2018


Grenache like the Mobius Strip has come the full circle and again sits among the most enjoyed and sought-after grapes in Australia. Great Growers and well-suited sites are critical to growing brilliant Grenache. For us, dry grown bush vines in the higher and sandier subregions of Blewitt Springs and Clarendon produce awesome expressions of Grenache that we simply love to drink.

We aim to produce an expression of Grenache that is bright, crunchy, flavoursome and utterly delicious.

Vintage 2018 came with the learnings from 2017 in the I.P.O.S camp, we tweaked the pick by half a notch and continued on a path of discovery working with a varietal that can offer a myriad of expression depending on site, climate, picking time and winemaking techniques, we sense this path of discovery may continue into our next generation should they wish to step in.

We picked early in Blewitt Springs, the berries had flavour and natural acid, spot on for minimal intervention winemaking. Clarendon was 2 weeks later and brings the juicier, more fruitful characters to both the nose and palate.

In the winery we kept the fruit in small parcels which undertook a combination of winemaking techniques. Small open fermenters with either 100% destemmed whole berries or up to 40% whole bunches layered within. We also locked 564 kg’s of whole bunches into an airtight vessel and allowed it to undergo carbonic maceration for another element of brightness and complexity. The open fermenters all soaked on their own skins until ferment kicked off naturally. Gentle punch downs twice a day by hand along with a combo of shorter & longer time on skins give us the spectrum of bright yet savoury notes we are looking for.

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Nose: Crunchy red fruit, cranberry, nettle and raspberry tunes.

Palate: Balanced textural palate moving through from a bright crunchy front palate

to those ethereal notes resulting from extended maceration.

Vineyard/s: Springs Hill Vineyard - Blewitt Springs - March 1st

Smart Vineyard - Clarendon - March 15th

Parcels: Springs Hill – 12.8% CM – 22.8% WB – 22.5% DS Smart Vineyard - 41.9% WB

Blend: Grenache 100%

Cases: 142 dozen

ABV: 13.6%

Food: Hickory Smoked Pork Belly, Cured Meats & Soft Cheese

Label: Möbius Circle (1858) represents a one-sided surface with no boundaries – an infinite loop.

Natural ferment – Unfined – Unfiltered - Vegan Friendly